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Thank you for your interest in EEP!

as you know this is the part where I talk about me :P

I will try my best to summarize 

here we go!

~Love photography since the first time I remember holding a camera,(probably age 4) 

~My great-grandfather was a photographer too, he was French and you can still google his images under Filemon Froment,

~I was born and raised in Ecuador near the beeeeaaach!!<<33 amazing friends and family to go visit any chance I get. (So if your wedding or event is an airplane away, I'm in!!!


~love travel!!&coffee!!&Photos!!&people and dogs!!cats too!okay okay moving on)

~Relocated to Dallas Tx in 2007 where I attended The Creative Art Center of Dallas, along with other courses in South America. and a photography journey to Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, 

It was an amazing way to develop strong skills into photographing new places, people, culture and weather.Plus it was beautiful!!!

~Started professional photography approximately 17 years ago, 

and I can proudly say it is now my full time career and passion for close to 14 years, 

Married my amazing husband/best friend on January 2019 in Puerto Rico!! He is incredibly talented at telling stories with pictures,  the main difference is, his pictures move!and are incredible works of art, you can find some stunning commercial work and even a full length Movie!!at and listen out for the music behind the films (he's amazing with music too!)

~ We have a Basset Hound pup of 11 years of age that is our entire world and its just indescribable how much she can add to life,

she's also quite the model, and the best camera assistant in the world!

In 2022 we welcomed Sweet Kona bear into our lives, she is an Auggie and the love of our lives<3

Now!, so pumped to hear about you!!!and your ideas, plans or special event coming up!! Wether its a personal project, a family gathering, wedding or just feel inspired to get some creative portraits done reach out!! check out my contact page!

Thank you!!

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